Monday, November 23, 2009

Screenplay Contest

This weekend was the third round of the screenwriting contest I enrolled in a couple of months ago. I am in the third round with one more round to go. As I've mentioned before, the premise is you are tasked to write a 5 page screenplay in 48 hours. You must write a screenplay in a specific genre, at a specific location with a specific item included in the script. For my heat, the genre had to be horror (boo) the location it had to be set in was a farm, and there had to be a remote control somewhere in the screenplay. I reeeeally hate horror movies and never watch them so I was a little unprepared with that aspect. However, I think I did okay. I ended up writing a story about a group of girls who are lured to a farm, thinking that they've come to audition for a reality series but are actually trapped at a snuff video factory. I went with cheesy and funny horror. We'll see how I do. Right now, were sitting here watching the Ken Burn's War series and relaxing. We have some work to do this week, but we'll take it easy and enjoy the short week :)

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