Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death Wish + Gran Torino = Harry Brown

Harry Brown is a lot of things. But vigilante thriller with extreme violence is the best way to describe it, and thanks to a great performance from Michael Caine and all of the supporting actors, its well worth the price of admission. Gritty and to point, the film opens with a horrific scene of violence that sets the tone of the film. As with similar films, the neighborhood has gone downhill with the older generation dying out, the address becoming less desirable, as the wrong element moves in. Drugs and violence follow and the police look the other way. The film doesn't ask too many questions but after watching the film I was left thinking that vigilante activity is not the answer to urban crime, but what is?

Directed as a debut by Daniel Barber, the film places story and character above manufactured "thrills" and works better because of it. Finally, Caine, of course is great. But the story keeps it real in that, he’s an old man playing an old man, but one who lived through experiences that both scarred him for life and prepared him for what he has to deal with essential alone.

As a side note, I know Caine is a popular actor, especially among older folks but it was interesting to see that the audience was predominately pensioners who moaned and groaned due to the amount of violence in the film. I am not sure if they were confused by the trailer, but this is definitely not a film I would recommend my parents go see.

Film Festival News:

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey - USA
July 17 to 18, 2010

The 2nd Annual FILMONEFEST celebrates and showcases the best one-minute films from around the globe along the historic shores of Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey, against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

FilmOneFest aims to challenge filmmakers to create a rich and dense on-screen experience in 60 seconds and seeks to provide an opportunity for artists to participate in a film festival without the resources required for longer works. A true celebration of the one-minute film, FilmOneFest pays tribute to the concept of stripping an idea to its core and playing to today's accelerated attention spans.

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