Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Glorious start to a new week...

Well the weekend is ending and Monday is on its way and we are still busy here at El Roberto. We spent the evening editing and researching editing software. After checking out Final Cut Pro Studio prices online we are debating on skipping getting that all together and getting Final Cut Pro Express which is available at a much lower price. Currently we are doing most of our editing with Final Cut Pro 5 and we use imovie HD to import HDV or AVCHD video since FCP has issues with it. We are going to research it a bit more before making a decision. Stay tuned.

As promised, we wanted to tell you about The Good, the Bad, the Weird. First I start by saying, go see it. Second, I want to point out, that its currently playing at an Art House Theatre near you and if not, you can watch it on the Tele on pay per view. And if you don't have that... well wait for video. Anyway, this genre bending flick is combination of a lot of films/genres and even with a slow midpoint, is a very interesting and film. Think, Spaghetti Westerns meets The Road Warrior, meets Kurasawa. Good stuff. I don't want to ruin this movie by talking about it too much but the cinematography and stunt work is great. The sound design was so-so (gun shots sounded muffled), but the soundtrack makes up for it somewhat. Now if I could only explain why there were Mongolian fighters with battle axes mixed in with WW2 Japanese soldiers, an old west gunslinger, and a hipster villain character....go see this film.

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