Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 Review

So I heard a lot of the mixed reviews Iron Man 2 was getting (all sizzle no steak, cluttered, clattering toy story) and we debated if we should wait for it on video. However, after the first couple of minutes I was glad I had decided to pluck down 12 bucks to see it. First we should point out that the casting alone trumps the special effects and adds to the under current of story that is severally lacking in other run of the mill super hero flicks. And the special effects are as good as the first film. However, I am not saying that this film is as good in terms of its story as the first film but its stands on its own as being very entertaining. Yes nearly every part of the film where an actor isn't speaking is filled with some sort of cgi robot moving or loud noises, but the film doesn't drag and gets to the point. And I was surprised that Mickey Rourke's contribution to the movie almost consisted entirely of him grinning with faux gold teeth while mumbling between scenes with some sort of pathetic attempt at a Russian accent. Also the action at times seemed more like an afterthought, almost added to fulfill a quota with the studio or fill a plot void. Regardless of all of this, Iron Man 2 is what it is...a solid sequel to great first movie. Go see it during the week rather than standing in line on the weekend.

Film Tip of the day: Creating a muzzle flare using Adobe After Effects

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