Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Education Review

I spent the whole weekend slaving in front of my laptop working on a script for a screenwriting contest I'm currently participating in. More on that tomorrow. But as a break from all the hard work this weekend, we decided to go see An Education, a movie I've been dying to see for weeks. It was pretty much exactly what I'd expected, which is good. It's about a British schoolgirl falling in love with an older man who manages to manipulate and seduce both the girl and her parents into believing he is her glamorous and righteous savior. The style of the movie is very sophisticated 60's posh which I love. And the main actress Carey Mulligan is cheerful and fun to watch just like all the reviews are saying. The only dark spot is of course Peter "I can't act to save my life" Saarsgard. He performed his usual sleepy-eyed, ambiguously shady schtick, but this time with a very confused British accent. It was pretty funny actually. All in all it was a sweet, sad movie (although I think the Oscar buzz is a little unnecessary). We're heading to bed now, preparing for a busy week! G'night :)

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