Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Production jobs and other facinating things....

Happy Wednesday,

Just as promised, we wanted to tell you about some more online film resources. And today we wanted to tell you about is the Craigslist of film/media jobs and resources. Everything from production services, jobs, casting calls, classifieds, manufacturers and resellers of new equipment, and films for-sale seeking distribution.

Switching gears a bit...grafitti Icon Shepard Fairey faces 87 years in prison after his arrest on his way to a show in Boston. Here is the story. In addition to facing multiple vandalism charges in Boston, Fairey is also being sued by the Associated Press for lifting a photo of Obama which he used in his iconic hope poster. According to Shepard Fairey: 'They are suppressing an artist's freedom of transformative expression.' We agree.

We leave you with a video produced by Shepard Fairey and his team.

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