Saturday, April 4, 2009

Commercial Shoot

Happy Saturday! We were busy all morning shooting a commercial for a local restaurant
Cafeeleven. The owner of the restaurant wanted a commercial that showcased the coffee bar, dining room, Sunday brunch and remodeled bar. Here's a pic Natalie took where Andrew let me film a couple of entree closeups. This shoot was a bit harder than usual, because there were so many different setups, and a lot of choreographed scenes that needed to be done in one take (pouring sauce on entrees etc.)

We got there very early in the morning when the place was empty and shot all of the inside setup work. Then once our actors arrived, we spent the rest of the time shooting scenes at the bar, and dining area. Natalie and Rob were our actors and they did a great job (plus they got the extra perk of having some fancy drinks concocted for them by the bartender during the bar scene). We have a couple of final Sunday Brunch scenes to shoot tomorrow, and then its a wrap-on to editing! Tomorrow, we'll post a little video footage of the shoot so you can see how it went down. Ciao for now!

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