Monday, April 6, 2009

Aaand here we go again!

We found out today that Barona Casino has began promoting a video contest . I know we promised that we weren't going to do anymore video contests (their time-consuming, unorganized, and often compromised by viewbots), but this one seems too good to pass up. First off, its local which is a huge advantage. With national contests the competition is pretty fierce. There are literally dozens of professional production companies that devote themselves to entering every video competition that pops up on the web. Pretty ridiculous. But at least with a local video contest, the competition is limited to San Diego talent-so we're golden! Hahaha-just kidding. There are some incredibly talented and professional filmmakers in San Diego and I'm sure that we'd be up against a lot of really good videos-but I think we'll shoot one just for the hell of it! We'll let you know how that goes.

On a side note, it seems that our video contest standards have been slipping; our last video was for bourbon, and now we're onto gambling. Let's hope Hustler doesn't plan to launch a video contest anytime soon or our souls we'll be lost for good.

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