Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black Dynamite Movie Review

So a friend of ours got an advanced copy of Black Dynamite they let us borrow, so we got to revel in the all the platformed glory. I'll be frank: I almost peed myself it was so funny. As a lot of critics have stated, they do take painstaking attention to detail. The badly dubbed sound, the fuzzy lighting, the boom mike that keeps dipping into the scene. All of that stuff is great, but on top of that, the writing itself is good. There are so many subtle awkward funny moments that after the ingenuity of the gimmicky humor wears off your still laughing. Unfortunately I don't think it got a wide release so when it comes out on DVD, we'll be sure to let you know so you can grab it..it is definitely a classic...In other news, I was editing a video for work the entire weekend, literally from 8am to 1am every night, so I'm just starting to now recover from the exhausting weekend. Right now, were cleaning off our computer as we were down to 65 gigs..But now we've opened up a couple hundred gigs and are back in business!! Whoo-hoo!! Check ya later :)

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