Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

was the #1 movie this weekend....and yes I went to go see it. First I have to say, that whenever I see that a film has a "presented by" (fill in famous director name)....I am a bit skeptical. However, this time around I was wrong and didn't regret shelling out 9 bucks (with student discount) to see a movie. Don't worry, I wont talk about too many specifics to prevent ruining it for you...But... District 9 presents a different approach on sci-fi genre, and was entertaining from beginning till the end because it presented a balance of popcorn movie special effects and story. Yes, it was a bit preachy at times, but you lose track of that and just focus on the story, the characters, and the great special effects...go see it now.

Also, here is the original short film from Neill Blomkamp, which the movie District 9 is based off of.

So tonight we have been editing the footage from the Midnight Madness shoot. We will have it posted by Tuesday. Have a great night.

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