Thursday, June 18, 2009


In what I'm sure is thrilling news for probably 8 people in the world, they're making a Mission Impossible IV due to come out in 2011. Because we haven't had enough of this series, correct? Apparently Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams are going to set out to make a 4th installment of the series, which is surprising since Cruise had a huge falling out with the head of Paramount Sumner Redstone a couple of years ago. But they must have patched up their differences, because Cruise will be returning to Paramount in order to film the new Mission Impossible one. It's just become a cliche and unexciting series. So here's hoping they inject some new life into the story-and stop using the tired "face mask rip-off" sequences.

In more interesting news, Sean Penn has pulled out of the much talked about Three Stooges Project. Apparently he needs to take a break from Hollywood and get his life together. Good for him. Everyone's been there at some point or another and its better to take stock and make action to improve then ignore your issues and continue working. Personally I'm kind of glad he's off the project. I was never able to reconcile the idea of him playing Larry. He's just seems too brusque and overly sensitive to play nice, bumbling Larry. I just don't seem him playing comedy well. Anyways thats it for today-CIAO!

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