Monday, June 15, 2009

Check mic, check one check two..

Some exciting news today-we finally bought an essential addition to our equipment list-the holy "shotgun" mic. After researching, we found that the Audio-Technica AT897 was the best bang for our buck. It's sharp, perfect for interviews, and isn't too pricey. A professional shotgun mic was the last on our list of extreme essentials needed for production, so we were glad to finally buy it. Plus we're going to be shooting a friends wedding this weekend, so it was imperative that we ordered it today, to get the best possible sound pickup at the wedding. So we're eager to hold our new mic and test it out on future videos. The only things we really have left to purchase are a backup HDV camera, a merlin steadicam, and a (low-cost) dolly system. Once we have those final three things..look out world! We're taking over! Just kidding..for the most part.

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