Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Filming with digital SLR cameras

Whenever we discuss buying new equipment Andrew has always pushed for purchasing a digital SLR like the Canon 7d as our backup HD video camera. I've been hesitant to consider a digital SLR because the idea of filming with a handheld digital camera just feels WRONG to me. Well, I think its time I get over it. The other day we were walking in Balboa Park and caught a small crew shooting some kind of sight seeing segment and lo and behold what did I see-oh yes, a shiny Canon 7d was perched atop their tripod, so small and unassuming. If that wasn't convincing enough I found out that one of the top video production companies in SD lists the 7d as one of their standard shooting cameras. So obviously I need to suck it up and hop on the digital SLR bandwagon. Especially now that Nikon and other have come out with competitively priced answers to the 7d priced under a thousand. So hopefully we'll be purchasing a digital SLR very soon this year and posting gorgeous vids with 35mm depth of field and detail like the following one we found on vimeo

D3100 test from newreverend on Vimeo.

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