Thursday, September 2, 2010

TV Tropes

The above picture had me dying laughing today. TV Tropes is basically a wikipedia site for film and media. It contains loads of information on specific shows, genres, character types, movie cliches etc. For instance, if I was curious as to why so many movie villains confess all their evil doings to their captives, I could go to the TV Tropes page "Just Between You and Me" and see's its applications in various movies, films, and comic books.

I've been on TV Tropes repeatedly this past week for several reasons. First, I'm researching movie cliches and antidotes that would be useful in a Community Spec script I'm writing. Secondly, we are working on A's film thesis script and trying to revise some of the story premise. Believe it or not, TV tropes has a very subtle way of introducing aspects of John Campbell's Hero's Journey without making you feel like your in a class lecture. There is a section on "The Call" and how different versions of the call have been used in movies, which is great because I find it easier to understand the application of the Hero's Journey when applied to films I have seen. It's a fun website, but I can tell you it's such a jam-packed labryinth of good material, you might find yourself looking like the poor sucker above before you're finished.

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