Thursday, July 15, 2010

When You're Strange Review...

I think about Jim Morrison and The Doors every day...every time I wanna get tacos or take drive in the desert, on a road trip, or even when I try write a screenplay. Their music was on loop on the old Clarion tape deck when my brother and I used to take turns driving the old 76 Dodge Tradesman back in high school... Jim and his music have had a profound influence on my tastes and creativity and have shaped who I naturally I was stoked to see that a proper attempt was being made to tell his story...their story...our story...When You're Strange is a great documentary, watchable on Netflix, enjoyable watched in parts or as a whole. The only issue is that it left me wanting more. Perhaps it only scratched the surface of something much bigger than can be told in a single documentary...Perhaps not....Weaving concert, private, studio, and Jim's rare film HWY to tell the story the way its meant to be. Don't get me wrong, I love Oliver Stones film, but this was different and almost the same.... and equally as enjoyable. With the addition of Johnny Depp narrating, the documentary almost has a Fear and Loathing feel to it which is great....and adds credibility I guess. Or maybe it adds be the judge. Even if you are not familiar with their music or are a fan, take my word for it....and go see it.

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