Sunday, July 18, 2010

God With A Gun Redux

Over the past several months (working between El Roberto Projects) I've been tasked with completing my thesis film which I started shooting back in the fall of 2004. Over the years I have completed several cuts and have never felt that it was quite right. Last year, based on a new edit that we had assembled, C wrote a new script that utilized most of the existing footage that we assembled and added a few new scenes and a new story arc. After reviewing the material with the lead actor we decided to scrap the idea and go another direction.

A year later we are making progress and should start shooting some additional scenes in August and September....that's of course if we can agree on a script and set some time aside to finish it. Right now we are getting ready to cover Comic-Con for so be sure to checkout our daily video posts starting this Wednesday. Also we have a couple of other large projects coming up now through September to keep us busy. So stay tuned.

This looks interesting....Ben Affleck returns to acting and directing in The Town.

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