Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicago Underground Film Festival

A good way to get your work out there is to submit your film projects to lesser known film festivals. Less competition means a better chance for exposure and possible awards. I know that sounds awful, but getting the first "laurel leafs" on your film is an encouraging step and might boost your confidence in promoting your film further. A cool festival coming up is the 17th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival. The "CUFF" festival describes itself as "offering defiantly independent filmmakers a platform for films and videos that innovate in form, technique, or content from the indie mainstream.CUFF's programming is innovative and unique, ranging from the lowbrow entertainment of John Waters and Coffin Joe to fine art, avant-garde works. Highlights from the 2009 program include Spirit Award nominee BEETLE QUEEN CONQUERS TOKYO, AMERICAN RADICAL, and IT CAME FROM KUCHAR"

It sounds like an interesting event and a fun festival at which to present your film to the world.

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