Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Sunday

and we are busy editing a Citybeat project we shot this past week. We will have that video posted this week. So far this year we have been busy working on a lot of different projects. C has been working on some scripts, and I have been busy recording new music with The Transient Music Project and talking shop on Friday nights 7 -8 with Artepolitik radio KSDT. More project news coming soon.

Now this looks both interesting and redundant. It almost seems that a proper Doors documentary is longtime overdue but there have several attempts to do this since the 80s which incorporated "never before seen concert, home movies, and footage from Jim Morrison's psychedelic desert flick Hwy: An American Pastoral. But the new documentary about the Doors When You're Strange looks pretty good. How bad can it be with Johnny Depp narrating???

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