Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mystery Man meets mysterious people and kills them...

In Jim Jarmusch’s, The Limits of Control, Isaach De Bankolé portrays a traveler surrounded in mystery, engaged in a series of encounters, which eventually leads him to Bill Murray and even more plot confusion. That said, overall, the film is a minimalist exercise seen through the eyes of cinema’s men with no names, credited only as the Lone Man, which this time is played (and walked and walked) by Isaach De Bankolé with a determined gait and inscrutable gaze that initially reveal almost as little as the elliptical storytelling. Like Mr. Jarmusch, the Lone Man doesn’t share his intentions until he reaches the end. By that point, though, if you’ve paid attention to the cues and opening credits, you will be steps ahead of both. Just like the main character, the plot is lead by vaguely philosophical directives, and repetition, it emerges, is the film’s central structuring device. Technically speaking, in terms of the films soundtrack here Jarmusch creates his own textural mix-tape which adds to the surreal landscape of the film.

As with all of our reviews, we don't want to give away too much but I can say that the film is beautifully shot and scored and is almost like a 2 hour surreal music video (not a bad thing here). Unfortunately the film didn't spend much time in the theaters but its available on In Demand or in a video store near check it out.

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