Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ipod Nano = Awesome Youtube Videos!

My trusty 2nd gen Ipod is nearing the twilight of its life. The lighted screen has mysterious dark smears running through it, the clicker only works clockwise, and the sound only plays through one ear. Thankfully A was awesome enough to buy me a sweet new Ipod Nano. Now, not only do I get to hear Grizzly Bear's "Southern Point" in melodious stereo sound, but I also can make videos! That's right, the nano shoots video. At first I was skeptical because c'mon-how great can a device smaller than a pack of gum record video? Turns out pretty well. Above is a video test of the Nano I found on youtube. As you can see it records a decent picture and sound.

This has so many possiblities!!! With the convenience of a tiny, portable video camera I'll be able to catch innumerable candid moments in the teeming city streets, such as adorable squirrels acting like humans or grumpy seniors throwing fisticuffs with hipsters. The opportunities are endless.

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