Friday, December 4, 2009

Raise yo hands like its Friday

Here is part one of the interview with Anthony Francoso of the band Geronimo that we produced for, which is an emerging Art and Politics web site. Definitely check out and take time to participate in some of their forums.

On a different note, after our last post about the Clash of the Titans Remake I have been been thinking a lot about film remakes in general and if a film is better after a second go around. Honestly, I believe that there really should be a rule if a film is a classic such as Pyscho then it shouldn't be remade. If a film was bad or has a lot of potential to be good then why not....right?!?! Any thoughts???


info said...

First, thanks for the love :-)


I think that if a film is going to be remade, it needs to be done right.

So many films are rushed to production that definitely are lacking in certain things. The original writers of the film, or trusts of the film need to be involved in the "okaying" process.

I will eventually think of some good remakes. Can you imagine what it is like for a director trying to remake a classic? Lots and lots of pressure.
I can think of one guy I know who did his own version of the Omega man ;-)

So, would you be against the remaking of the Hobbit?

El Roberto Productions said...

haha, thanks for the comment. No we wouldn't be against a remake of the Hobbit or any film that wasn't that great the first time around. And yes God with a Gun is was genius.