Sunday, May 24, 2009


During this LA trip we’ve probably walked about 700% percent more than we normally do. It’s been a continuous cycle of lugging camera equipment down streets, and climbing museums stairs. So last night we decided to give our feet a rest, and went to see T4 at the Santa Monica Promenade. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, since the movie has had some mixed reviews . But we were actually surprised- It was good! Not Dark Night good, but it was exciting and kept our interest the whole way through. The special effects are amazing, and director McG was very creative in his POV for actions scenes. Instead of just showing a copter crash, McG puts you in the front seat of the copter as it gets banged and flipped by the giant machines. It also helped that the theater we were in had top of the line digital audio and video that made every crash rumble our seats.

There were some cons. The dialogue is awful, and there is no humor in the movie at all. But the main problem is the lack of character development. I counted at least three characters who were completely pointless, including his wife ( Bryce Dallas Howard ) who basically does nothing but look wide-eyed, clutching her pregnant belly and saying corny lines. John Connor spends the entire movie barking orders and looking savage, and we never get to know anything personal about him. T4 is just a fun special effects movie that doesn’t give you any characters to love, but its still worth checking out, if just for the action sequences.

We’re off to check out LACMA. Have a fun Sunday!

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