Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Testing Tuesday

What's up everyone,

So we stayed in to test the Canon XH-A1 and to prepare for our next shoot. Below is a clip that we shot in HDV at 30 fps. We adjusted the iris and shutter a bit to compensate for the low light. Not to mention, having to compress the crap out of our footage from apples compression codec H.264 to Divx because Blogger wouldn't support it. And not to mention that HDV is already compressed because it uses MPEG-2 compression to achieve a maximum video data rate of 25 Mbps (megabits per second), which is the same data rate as DV. This means you can fit the same amount of high-definition video on your scratch disks as you can when using DV.

Despite all of this nonsense, we highly recommend the Canon XH-A1 due its ease of use, features, price, and quality of image. And we are not alone in our experience with this camera, the producers of Crank 2 choose the Canon XH-A1 for the same reason. Check out the trailer for the film and read this article!.

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