Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Not much going on here today. It's been a pretty long day at work, so were just hanging out on the couch recouping. On a good note, we'll probably be buying a new Imac this weekend. This will help us tremendously in being able to edit quicker. The PC we're using now for editing is very old (6 years) and on its last leg. Thankfully, once we get the Imac, all we'll need is the tripod and boom mic to complete our set and begin to aggressively pursue videography work. We are a little worried about being able to swing the student id discount on the Imac at the Apple Store, mainly because neither of us have started class for the semester yet, so our "student" status is a little wobbly. We're just going to go to UTC wearing hoodies, backpacks, eating top ramen and doing whatever else makes us look more student-y. Hopefully when we flash our worn out, faded student ID cards with pics from 1999 on them, the store workers won't be paying attention and give us the discount.Keep your fingers crossed!

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