Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're Baaaaccckkk!!!

Hello again,

My it has been a long time. Well, there's a really good explanation for the long reticence. We got attacked by a lion. No kidding. Right after Christmas, we were walking around, hopelessly lost in the Appalachian woods when we noticed the sound of a baby's cry coming from the bushes. Curious, we stepped gingerly into the the brush only to find a sneaky mountain lion laying in wait. He was wearing a tux and holding a small tape recorder from which the baby sound was emanating. "Gotcha!" he cried and jumped on us. We tussled for 2 days. He would scratch our necks- We would pull off one of his claws. He chipped a tooth-we'd poke his eyeball. The struggle was epic and magnanimous. But eventually the lion tired and we prevailed, by somehow being able grasp his jaw on both sides with our hands and pulling, until all at once the joyous sound of his mandibles cracking rang throughout the woods. We threw his lifeless carcass to the ground. Exhausted, we picked up his tape recorder and bowtie, and left the woods off to find my way home. We just got back.

So anyways as you can see we've been very busy and weren't ableto post blogs. But that time has ended and we can now safely say that we're back to blogging and will be more disciplined and robust than ever! We promise!

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