Monday, December 1, 2008

The Wrestler

So supposedly the new Mickey Rourke film "The Wrestler" is going to be his comeback vehicle. It's been getting rave reviews and a lot of hype, so we're excited to see how he does in this film. The plot is about an aging WWF wrestler long past prime and looking to find the lost limelight. Os something like that. With his overly tanned skin, bleached blond locks and buffed-out old man body he certainly looks the part. Hmmm….a story about an over-the-hill entertainer who suffers innumerous humiliations as he tries to struggle back to the top. Sounds like any other film out right now? That's right! JVCD..Jean Claude Van Damme's new "comeback vehicle" is out and kicking ass at theaters now. Although I admit, it'll be a little hard for ol'
Jean-Claude's movie to compete with any movie by the critic darling Darren Aronofsky. Whether "The Wrestler" turns out to be a great film or a burning pile of camel dung, Mickey Rourke's gotten a great amount of exposure and it's nice to see someone who's been screwed over by Hollywood get a break once in a while…

Here's an New York Times interview with Mickey Rourke, where he aggrandizes and over-embellishes pretty much through the whole thing

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