Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Year, New Starts

Okay, so once again with feeling!!! No we are not dead, or in prison for shoplifting overpriced camcorders..we've just been so productive that we completely let our blog fall by the wayside. I know, I know..there is no excuse for it. And I'm sorry to the fans who we've disappointed with the long hiatus (and by fans, I mean some random cat that stepped on his passed-out owners keyboard, inadvertently clicking onto our blog and giving us a view)

But anywho..the important thing is that we're back, with a newfound sense of duty, driven by an overwhelming sense of guilt.


We entered a contest for Klondike along with about 30,000,000 other people. Although our skit didn't win, it was pretty encouraging that we were able to make a decent video with the most skeleton-y of skeleton crews (two people). Here is the video...not too shabby of work for just for a couple of people, with no grip, lighters, cameramen, actors, food, or shame.


We entered another contest, this one for one of those web channels. It was a comedy called Stu's Blog, about an internet geek who chats on a video blog and obsesses
over a neighbor girl. It was a pretty funny skit, and was by far one of the longest ones we've made.


From Crackle: Stu's Blog


We are working on some important projects that we'll be posting up before the end of the year. One is the final edit of a great film that has been in work over a couple of years, by one of the most talented members of the El Roberto Crew. We also have the final edit of the Radiohead project-it is almost finished and promises to to a very cool short once it s completed.


Here are a couple of links to some very cool filmmaker competitions that are coming up...

This is a cool competition for Directors. It has Darren Aronofsky involved so it has to be good. Plus the winners get to go to the Sundance Film Festival for Free!

Another video contest..this one looks a little cheesy-it's for Excedrin. Something about making a video about speed. I don't know. You'd be amazed how vague a lot of these companies are when they try to describe what they're looking for in videos. Anywho, its worth a shot! We're going to attempt to submit to the Sundance contest (but ONLY if we get our current projects complete before he deadline) but I think we'll skip this one. Good luck if you decide to try it!

That's all for now..we'll be back tomorrow-See you then!

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