Friday, November 21, 2008

Ban Cheap Bootlegs!

Last night at the hair salon I experienced the most grotesque debasement to films I've seen since The Pest. There I was innocently sitting in the chair getting my hair flat ironed, while my hairdresser smacked her gum and talked about lovin' Jesus, when someone decided to pop in the movie Click.

At first I was like, whatever; it's definitely not a movie I'm into (I try to avoid movies that contain Adam Sandler post-2000, or slow-motion boobs in their trailer) but it was better than nothing.

Boy was I wrong. It was a cheap bootleg someone had made from their TV. Seriously. At certain points you could see the reflection in the TV of some guy lying on the couch in his living room, with soda cans on top of the coffee table. And the sound was horrible, like they recorded it in the bathroom with a string and a can. Now I am NOT a movie elitist obviously, and I'm all about sticking to the man and finding cheap ways to watch movie. It's been our MO to never visit the theater without sneaking in at least 1 extra flick. But there's a level even I can't stoop down too, and bootleg copies taped from a TV are that point.

My question is who buys these bootlegs? Really..who guys out of there way to plunk down $5 for something that you can barely see? Why don't they just go to At least there you can watch a decent copy on that site, without the extra insight into the pirater's personal hygiene habits…bootleggers need to adapt to the times. Please!

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