Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Other Guys Movie Review

This weekend we finally saw The Other Guys. We had just finished watching the manic gorefest Machete, so it was a refreshing change in pace and blood splatter. The movie focuses on a couple of misfit detectives, Terry and Allen. Terry (Wahlberg)is a disgraced cop who is humiliated after being placed on desk duty for accidentally shooting Derek Jeter in the leg. Allen (Ferrell) is a nerdy transfer from accounting who is perfectly happy typing up police reports. There are some hysterical scenes with Samuel Jackson and The Rock playing the invincible "popular" cops who cheerfully insult the desk duty team which sends Terry over the edge. Terry and Allen inadvertently get caught up in an elaborate kidnapping and extortion case that leads to a lot of screaming, car chases, and cocaine explosions. Steve Coogan does his usual superb job playing the kidnapping victim as a smarmy, weak, tycoon in over his head. I thought it was a hilarious movie and reminded me of Tropic Thunder with its endless asides and over the top humor. Definitely one of the only legitimate comedies to come out this summer. Go see it while its still in theaters!

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