Monday, July 12, 2010

Predators Review

Now I have said this before in my reviews but despite what you may have heard...Predators is actually an entertaining film and is probably the best Predator flick since the original. From the beginning, the film doesn't waste anytime getting to the point and starts with film lead Adrian Brody
free-failing unconscious, presumably dropped from a plane...(quite possibly the first time in cinematic history a film starts this way). After meeting up with a rag-tag group of elite "killers" Brody and company try to make sense of what exactly is going on. Now with the exception of some cheesy looking cgi monsters and an underused Laurence Fishburne... the film mostly works and is to the point. Now is Predators as good as the original??? You already know the answer to it better than Twilight or The Last Airbender??? already know the answer to that....Go see it now....

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Ian said...

Lawrence wasn't allowed to talk, as punishment for his role as "Cowboy Curtis," on the PeeWee Herman Show. Also, I thought (as someone who watched the whole series) that the Last Airbender was awesome, and that M. Night had some serious hurdles to overcome just to condense the movie as much as he did.

Adrian Brody rules.