Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Malcolm McLaren

"To create a magnificent failure is to create the best kind of picture: a picture that really drives and changes things. Because when you see a picture and you say, “That’s a very beautiful picture,” it is instantly forgettable. A picture that is a magnificent failure actually breathes life and allows the culture to change. If you have perfection, there is nowhere to go. With perfection there is no communication. You have nothing to access. The disasters are what bring life and allow us to connect. That’s the magic." - McLaren, 2006

After I read about Malcolm McLaren's passing when I got back into the states I talked to C about his influence on art/music/popular culture and his almost collaboration with Roger Ebert on The Great Rock and Roll Swindle. For years I heard about Roger Ebert's involvement in the project but have never heard him comment publicly about it... Here's what Ebert had to say about the first time he met McLaren. RIP Malcolm. Read more about Malcolm here.

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