Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kick Ass Movie Review

So last Saturday we decided to stop weighing the middling to positive reviews of Kickass and see it for ourselves. Good thing! We actually loved it! It started it out kind of slow and predictable (notwithstanding a gruesome first scene), a normal awkward teen comedy. The main character is a goofy teen who longs to be a superhero and get the cute girl at his school. He decides to try it out for real and buys a green wetsuit and numchucks he doesn't know how to use, and names himself "Kickass". His first attempt of Do-goodery ends in hilarious but shockingly graphic violence. A that point you realize this is definitely a rated R movie, with Reservoir Dogs level violence. But its also superfunny and quirky. American Pie meets Scarface. Anyways Kickass eventually does a heroic stunt that lands him some youtube views and catches the eye of a vigilante "superhero" named Big Daddy and his killing machine daughter, Hitgirl. And they get him into loads of trouble with the local drug kingpin. Its a pretty predictable tale, but the movie is spiced up with enough wit and creative killing sprees, that you're either laughing your butt off or cringing every second. So go see it for sure. By the end of the movie our theater full of jaded adolescents were whooping in their seats (although I hear that's a pretty common phenomenon at Mission Valley AMC- obtrusive whooping for no reason-AMC 20 is the worst). We'll definitely be seeing a lot of KickAss' and Hit Girl costumes this Halloween.

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