Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Escape from New York

In preparation of re-shoots on A's short film, we've been doing research on similar type movies set in the Post Apocalypse genre. A suggested we watch "Escape from New York", a classic post-apocalypse flick set in a very run down and very 80's New York. I'd never seen this movie before, but I can see where it gets its cult following. It's over the top enough to be a completely cheesy guilty pleasure. That being said this movie is so badly lit. Every scene was so dark I could barely make out what was happening even during scenes set in brightly lit offices. Oh well at least the music was totally amazing.

The video below gives some cool info on creating gunfire during an edit, something you'll be doing a lot of when trying to make a movie with a lot of post-apocalyptic zombies that need to be shot at.

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