Thursday, January 14, 2010


We bought a new camera today! Yeay! We were looking for a small compact HD camera. Something that didn't lack quality but wouldn't break the budget either. Since Canon is coming out with upgraded versions of all their compact HD cams, B&H is having a HUGE sale on the old versions. So we took advantage and were able to get the HF-S10 at a good price. Although small and compact it's a pretty good model with high HD quality. Crank 2 was actually filmed using one of the smaller Canon models that was even lower quality than the one we've just bought, so I'm pretty confident the SF10 won't disappoint in image quality. Plus, if we ever need to film a scene in a public place like a library or grocery store, there's less chance we'll get caught with this tiny camera instead of our giant XHA1. Haha, sneaky, I know ;) Above is a youtube video showing the image quality of this camera. Why do all youtube videos showing test footage always have to be boring static shots of flowers, trees and parks? We watch a lot of youtube camera test videos for research and they're all the same. I think for the SF10 we'll make a fun test video that shows actual human beings doing things, which is what we all normally film with our camcorders, right? Anyways, that's my schpiel for the day. G'night :)

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