Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its a grave new world..

in this vampire/post-apocalyptic film called Day Breakers. Its 2019 and due to an "outbreak" nearly everyone on the planet is a vampire while the non-vampires are hunted and harvested for their blood. Underground "subwalk" tunnels replace sidewalks, curfew starts before dawn, and so on. Edward played by Ethan Hawk is a vampire with ethics and believes it is wrong to exploit comatose humans for their blood. Edward was probably a vegan in his prior human life, now he's a vampire with a conscience. Its a world where the vampires commute to work at night, drink blood mixed lattes and wear business suits with ties. At times it took a lot to not laugh out loud on what was on the screen but the occasional quick shots of gore or objects flying at you keeps you on your toes. Honestly, this film has some nice visuals, some pretty funny lines courtsy of Willem Dafoe and wasn't long enough to completely bore you out of your seats. Rent it on DVD or watch it for free on TV.

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