Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes...

So along with nearly everyone else in this country we went to see movie this past Christmas weekend. We decided to wait on seeing Avatar in 3D after the crowds die down. Visually striking and well acted, this version of Sherlock Holmes is definitely worth seeing. I have read a few negative reviews about Guy Ritchies direction but we couldnt disagree more. Ritchies f/x driven version (not necessarily a bad thing here) actually stays true to the story. With a strong cast and an ambigiously gay undercurrents between the Holmes and Watson, Sherlock Holmes is worth the price of admission. Sure, Ritchie adds his trademark slo-mo fight sequences and other stylistic flurishes, but he allows the characters to breath and without ruining their performances with MTV style cuts or cheesy CGI. And overall, the story is easy to follow and doesnt get lost under all of the endless fight scenes or subplots. After a strong opening weekend and an ending that leaves the door open for more sequels, Robert Downey JR clearly has another film franchisee under his belt....and again this isnt a bad thing.

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