Saturday, October 17, 2009

El Roberto vs. Wild

Yes, that's A deep in the riverbank along the San Diego River filming some volunteers cleaning the area. We shot a vid for Citybeat this morning about the river clean-up event, and safe to say we were more than a little unprepared. They told us to bring walking shoes, but we should have brought a machete and army fatigues! Seriously, we ended up tramping through deep, thick brush, and had to hack our way out of Amazonion plants left and right. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but poor A was wearing shorts, so he provided a nice breakfast for some mosquitoes and spiders in the area. We followed the group for about half a mile but then decided to head back so we wouldn't get lost alone. It was definitely the most adventurous story Citybeat has sent us on. It was a little scary too, as there were a lot of homeless camps in the area. We didn't see any actual homeless people, but I was a little wary of our small group tramping around deeply hidden homeless encampments with a $4,000.00 camera. But it ended up being a safe trip and we're actually almost done editing the video. Hope everyone's having a great Saturday. We're off to watch "Where the Wild Things Are" in a couple of hours, and we'll post our review tomorrow. Ciao!

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