Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Street Scene vid

Greetings All,

Here's the Streetscene video we've been promising for a few days. For some reason, we've been having major issues uploading to youtube from Imovie and its been giving us a major headache. Anywho, the posting drama's over and its ready to go.

We had some very cool experiences over the weekend, one of the best being the artist interviews. We talked with No Age, Anya Marina, Mastadon, and Cage the Elephant, and they were all gracious and fun people, meeting us in random spots to avoid the noise, and working with our schedules to meet up. It definitely defused our trepidation that all artists are divas. Mastadon was an especially cool interview as they invited us to talk in their Star Wagon! We were a little nervous about interviewing Mastadon in their trailer after all the scary stories we've heard about their lead guitarist Brent Hinds. But as their tour manager leaned out of the shadowy doorway of their trailer and waved us over, we pushed back our fears of getting a bottle smashed over our heads and went in. Turns out Brent wasn't around, but we got to interview the bassist Troy Sanders who was an incredibly laidback and fun guy to interview. He talked about everything-their sound, the upcoming tour, the fact he can't dance, etc. and just made everyone feel comfortable. A seriously talented musician without a chip on his shoulder. Cage the Elephant was hilarious and told a disturbing story about the singer performing diy surgery on his salivatory gland before a show. I think we're going to be posting all the interviews on Citybeat's youtube channel tomorrow or Thursday so you can check it out.

One person who was a diva was miss MIA. She had everyone kicked out of backstage before her show for no reason! That was a bit much especially since her set sucked- all she did was half-heartedly rap Bamboo Banga and throw water on the audience (hitting Andrew and our camera in the photo pit-that's expensive!). I'm a fan of M.I.A. but seeing diva behavior like that when putting no effort into her set, kind of puts me off. Anyways that was the only weird artist behavior I saw (although I heard Cake was being obnoxious too). No matter, we had a fun time taking in the experience and filming Street Scene. Hope you all enjoy!

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