Friday, September 11, 2009

So happy its Friday...

Here is our full Anya Marina's Street Scene interview. Anya, who is a local musician, was an interesting artist to interview and is very approachable and friendly. Enjoy the clip.
As promised, here is a post-apocalyptic themed/1950s zombie uprising Metallica music video All Nightmare Long produced by Robert Schoberfor your viewing enjoyment. I think its probably one of their most creative videos and incorporates animation with mocked-up Soviet archival footage. Check out this article on Promo News. To me, the animation is very similar to the rotoscoping technique employed by Ralph Bakshi in his post-apocalyptic film Wizards, (More on that film and what's next for El Roberto in our next post) but is a combination of stylistic approaches inspired by Fleischer studio's original Superman cartoons. You can checkout more of Robert Schober aka Roboshobo's videos here.

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