Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy like a Wes Anderson

Back when it was first announced that Wes Anderson's next project would be an animated film, we were like "huh?" Maybe the critic backlash after Darjeeling Limited had gotten to his head. Maybe he went down the rabbit hole and would now only make weird, esoteric Persepolis-like animation for the rest of his career. Noooo! Fortunately, a small promotional vid for this film just came out and phew, it actually looks pretty cool. Called Fantastic Mr. Fox, it's stop-motion animation with a retro 70's vibe (of course). From what I gather the story is about a kid fox (voice by Jason Schwartzmann) and his dad (George Clooney). And although the film shows some signs of excessive unnecessary budget expenditures (really, you needed to go on location to record movement sounds with the actors themselves, really??), like most Wes Anderson projects it looks funny and original.

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