Monday, August 31, 2009

Street Scene video coming soon..

, originally uploaded by Filmm.

It's been a couple of days since our weekend of filming Street Scene. It was hot, sweaty, loud and awesome. We were covering the festival for Citybeat, so for the first time ever, we got sweet all access passes to the festival. That meant backstage, photo pit, lounge tent-everything. It was very cool-we got to hang out by the stage and watch Public Enemy perform, see Devandra Barnhart wander around backstage before his set, and watch Jack White and the Dead Weather members walk somberly up the stage to start their set (he's totally balding btw). There was also a cool lounge tent that had free drinks and snacks that we were able to rest at in between interviews and filming.

It wasn't all easygoing fun though. Filming band performances and running around to the various stages from the dead heat of 2pm to 12 midnight is exhausting. Both nights we ended up at home at 2am, eating mexican food and passing out. But it was totally fun and an awesome experience. We finished editing the video last night at 1am, so we'll post it here tomorrow. We'll talk a little more about our experience tomorrow.

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