Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Soderbergh's second try

With the lukewarm response to Soderbergh's most recent experimental film the Girlfriend Experience, he's quickly followed up with a more mainstream Matt Damon flick called Informant. Soderbergh's a very diverse director who punches out an equal amount of controversial indie films for each Hollywood popcorn flick he makes. I'm guessing he's one of those directors who uses his mainstream movie earnings to fund smaller more creative fare. Kudos to him for making the system work for him. Anywho, the movie contains Matt Damon playing an FBI informant on a corrupt American corporation:

Looks interesting and kinda funny, although I'm usually not one for corporate intrigue movies. Once again Matt Damon has undertook a drastic physical change to match that of his character gaining 30 pounds for this part(compared below to the 40 pounds he lost from his normal frame during "Courage under fire").

But that's nothing new to him. Mat Damon is known for gaining and losing drastic amounts of weight for roles. Still I don't think anyone can match Christian Bale's sheer disregard for personal health when it comes to losing weight for a role.

Here's a cool article with a list of famous actors who've hit the pancake batter or stairmaster for the sake of a role.

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