Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Happy Tuesday Y'all,

Hope everyone had a glorious and refreshing day. We were busy editing all night, but we are finally done and ready for the weekend to be here already.

Speaking of the weekend, we saw "The Hangover" last sunday night at AMC Mission Valley. Now to tell the truth, we initially had no plans to see this movie. The trailer just looked kind of cliche and obvious; a bachelor party movie where guys get wasted, bad things happen, and hilarity ensues. Seen it a thousand times. But the positive movie critic reviews filled with over the top superlatives kept streaming in. That, coupled with a thumbs up from a few well-movied friends sealed the deal. Se we plunked down our hard-earned $10 and watched the flick. The movie was worth it. Really funny, in an over-the-top kind of way. The actors do a great job portraying the blinding vacuum of pain, confusion, and dry heaves that is a severe hangover. And they're constantly assaulting your eyeballs with increasingly shocking antics and storylines, that culminate in a final credits scene that is scream-worthy in its gross out hilarity. Seriously. I won't give the story away but the ending involves digital pictures from the bachelor party they can't remember, and it was so bad I can't even understand how they were able to get an R rating. Some may find it a little to wild a movie for their taste, but it really was funny and good-hearted, and Zach Gilafanakalakalis or whatever, is the funniest thing in the movie-A plus!

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