Sunday, June 7, 2009


can be a fickle mistress. And although it's not as messy a job today as it was for the blokes in the picture, it can be just as exhausting. We are currently editing footage from the Art around Adams event that took place on Saturday June 6th. It was an interesting festival, with cool bands, artists, and quirky performers floating about. But there's a lot of footage to dig through and it's been a bit of a task determining which were the best clips to go with. However, we got some great soundbites from some of the musical acts which we're excited about highlighting. Anywho, we're thinking of taking a break to see Will Ferrell's new movie Land of the Lost that just came out. I don't know why. The trailer was corny, we didn't really laugh during it, and the reviews are less than complimentary . So like any good ol' Fruedian subject, we are going to plunk down $10 and see it, because every mental and social gauge says not to. We'll be sure to pass on our grumpy and unsatisfied review of the flick for you to ignore also. That's it for today. Have a great night!

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