Monday, June 29, 2009


We finally saw Moon this past Saturday at Landmark Theaters in Hillcrest. We were curious as to how the story would play out since the trailer seemed to give a lot of the plot points away (i.e. lonely guy on space station encounters his clone-chaos ensues). The story kind of revolves around clones, big corporations, and the sanctity of human life. it's an interesting idea and it was well-played out. Although there were some weak plot points that had us raising our eyebrows a few times("ok, so this space robot has feelings? oh it's trying to kill him-no, wait-huh?) It's definitely one of those movies where you take the story with a grain if salt. But stil the premise was cool and the look of the film was awesome-very 1970's space odessy 2000. Apparently the film's budget was only $5 million dollars, so the production team deserves a huge amount of credit for making a believable looking space terrain with so little money. And Sam Rockwell, who seems to revel in quirky does a great job playing opposite himself for 90 percent of the movie. All in all its not a super memorable movie, but a cool little flick that'd be fun too watch on Netflix.

Also the director is of interest because a) He's David Bowie's son b) He apprenticed under Tony Scott and c) this was his first film, which is pretty exciting considering the positive buzz it has received. I've linked to an interview that Duncan gave to IFC a while back. A very interesting article on an emerging director...

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