Wednesday, June 3, 2009


col⋅lab⋅o⋅rate [kuh-lab-uh-reyt]
1. to work, one with another; cooperate.

Some of the most amazing pieces of art you'll ever see come together when two creative entities meet and find something in each other that can complement their own abilities. Our country has seen some visionary collaborations over the years. Bowie and Bing, McCartney and Jacko , Paul Abdul and MC Skat Kat, the list goes on and on. That's why we are soooo jazzed to be teaming up with San Diego Citybeat to create original video content for their website. This last weekend we filmed the 2009 San Diego Threadshow for Citybeat, and had a lot of fun checking out the amazing clothes, fashionable people and talented musicians/artists that peppered the place. You can check out the video here along with an article about our burgeoning collaboration. So expect to see some fun and informative Citybeat videos coming up in the near future! Good night!

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