Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scorcese and Sinatra

Some interesting news out of the film world today. It looks like Martin Scorcese is set to direct a biopic about Frank Sinatra. Universal has been busier than a one-legged man at a tap dancing contest trying to acquire the rights to Sinatra's life story, and has brought in Martin to direct it. Scorcese sounds like the perfect fit for this project. Some of his signature movies are set in the world of the 1950's Italian mafia, a constituent that glorifed Frank Sinatra and had some dubious ties with the singer (although apparently this biopic will not address those long-standing rumours). Sinatra's music and sensibility can be detected in a lot of Scorcese's work, so I think that he can be trusted to tell the story with a style and brutality that would suit Sinatra's rough/sauve persona. The screenplay is being written by Phil Alden Robinson , the writer of Field of Dreams and Sum of all Fears. So if everything goes as planned at Universal, we'll be posting an awesome trailer for the upcoming Scorcese directed Sinatra movie, in a year or two.

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