Saturday, May 9, 2009

Metul on Metul...

Hey everyone....sorry for the delay in posts...we have been busy planning for our film shoot on Sunday and watching movies....So to make good on our promise, we wanted to tell you about Anvil!The story of Anvil.

The Anvil documentary was directed by one time roadie for Anvil and screenwriter of the Steven Spielberg directed film the Terminal, Sacha Gervasi. The documentary is a real life version of This is Spinal Tap. The film follows the band through the struggles of the a European tour filled with various mishaps while its members still question the reason they still haven't found success after playing for over 30 years. The movie is filled with both hilarious and often cringe worthy moments that exemplify perseverance and the human spirit. Unfortunately the film doesn't have a wide release but it may be playing at an independent theatre near you. We saw the film in San Diego on Thursday. The band actually showed up to play a set after the midnight showing this past weekend. I wish we would have seen that.

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