Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"I'm writing a screenplay"


Okay, so it kind of bothers me that "writing a screenplay" has become such a cliched endeavor, that it is mocked as some sort of hipster-ruse to appear all artsy and deep. Everyone and their mother is writing a screenplay these days, even Michael Scott. So what does that mean when you really are serious about writing a screenplay, and not just some schmuck looking for approval at the coffeehouse? Well, I figure that you a)create a deadline and actually finish your screenplay on time (so I'm already counted out), and b)submit it to agents, consultants and contests.

And speaking of contests, one of the biggest ones of the year is coming up. Final Draft's Big Break contest is accepting submissions until June 1st. This is a very popular one that pretty much ensures all the finalists will have their scripts read by someone in the industry. So if you already have a completed screenplay or are close to finishing one, I'd wrap it up ASAP, so you can submit to Big Break and hopefully get yours :)

P.S. I found this really cool blog by an established screenwriter named Billy Mernit. His blog has some great tips for creating characters, pitfalls to avoid, etc. You can never get enough of that type of help. Especially from someone who obviously knows what he's talking about.

Anywho, hump day is almost upon. Sleep well and good luck tomorrow!

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