Thursday, April 16, 2009

Record Store Day

There is something about the record store. The wall to wall columns of endless tattered records. The smell of dust and old paper that fills the low-lit rooms. Feeling that your on the verge of finding some mythical long lost Doors recording that wasn't supposed to exist. The thrill of the hunt. That is what drives most music lovers, who happily spend hours hunched over giant bins looking for the proverbial diamond in the rough. But sadly, as the record industry continues to die, and music has become firmly planted in the intangible digital medium, the record store will soon be going the way of the rotary phone. It's become too expensive for record stores to stay open. Happily there are many who still celebrate the cultural significance of the record store, and hence we have Record Store Day

This is an annual event that occurs every April 18th where all the independent record stores celebrate music and art with live shows and events. There are lots of cool giveaways and many bands make special releases specifically for this event. So on Saturday, we are going to head down to M-Theory in San Diego to celebrate the music world and the special place record stores have in it.

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